Couldn't resist last night...

So, J tried to make better of the disasterous meatloaf dinner from Monday... he tried pan frying it as really big hamburger-type patties. It sorta worked. It definately was an improvement. But, after dinner, and some Tivo, I decided it was time for dessert. But, all we had was easter candy and I wanted more. I convinced him to come with me and we ventured to Rite-Aid to get some ice cream and root beer. Yup! Root beer floats!! He told me he doesn't really like them, and then I played the girl card saying "but you've never had one from me!" It worked.

So, after being disappointed at Rite-aid (they didn't have ROOT BEER!), we got back in the car, drove across the parking lot, and bought root beer from Vons.

We got home, I made them, and J said "um, what am I to do? How do I eat this?" Men.

I let him know you use the spoon to eat the ice cream, the straw to drink the soda. He figured it out (he's so smart lol) and he told me he really enjoyed it. So, I'm going to have more tonight. It's so good!



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