Still not ready to work....

Well, this morning, at 6:38am, I was officially hating life. It was the first time in a long time that I couldn't get out of bed. I took a shower with my eyes closed for most of it (halfway through I thought maybe I was dreaming I was awake....).

I made coffee, managed to be out on time. And this week is spring break for hte area - so traffic was a breeze on the freeway. Made it to work only a few minutes past 8 (normally, I get in around 8:15-ish ~ emphasis on the ish). I got here to a note from my co-worker that she'd be out today. I thought I was in for a rude awakening, but it wasn't that bad.

I had about 300 emails. Of those - about 40 were junk/spam, 80 needed to go to my delete folder, and then the rest were half fyi's and half to do's. No big messes, no big nightmares. Of course, I did spend some (ok, MOST) of the day on myspace, doing surveys and looking at some of the pics posted so far....I did do work though. But it's hard to switch immediately from vacation mode to work mode. I'm a transition type of girl!

J got some not so great news. We both realized last month that he was missing one of his W2s from one of the random jobs he had last year. The company he worked for sold in April, and he had a bunch of random jobs until he landed his current one in October. He helped restore a house, was a summer camp counselor, an English tutor to Korean kids, a dental salesman (sold dental supplies, not dentists. lol), and now he's a news reporter. So, anyways, he got ahold of one of the job and they finally emailed him the copy today. He looked at it, and realized the damn place never took out any federal or state taxes. So, his small return turned into the "you owe" type. Needless to say he's a little ticked. Mainly because he really wants to get engaged, but apparently it's just not in God's plan yet. We've wanted to get engaged for a really long time. We've only been dating for a year and a half (in 16 days =) ) but we knew from the start that this was it for both of us. One big hiccup after another puts us further and further away from that goal.

So, maybe in Vegas this weekend we can win big. Or the next weekend. lol. 2 Vegas trips in 2 weeks! Ya, we're high rollers. lol. JK. At least we're having fun while we're just "dating."



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