Fun to be a housewife?

While I'm not yet married, nor engaged, I've suddenly found myself living the life of a housewife. I love J to death, and I don't particularly mind doing all these things. But, I just often find myself looking for distractions from the chores. Yesterday I did relax while J cooked (he's fabulous like that) but as soon as he headed out for a work thing (we often spend many evenings separated due to his job), I got started on stripping the bed, washing the sheets, washing the duvet cover, cleaning up after dinner, running the dishwasher, getting ready for the gym....But yet I have many hours of Tivo (actually the DVR version from Dish Network) and another night - tonight - to deal with.

I'm staring at a large load of whites/lights sitting on my bed, as well as the clean duvet cover that needs to be put back on (in?) the down comforter. I should also frost the cake I made for Valentines day for dessert but it's still just sitting on the counter. So many things to do, yet I just want to sit around. I have Idol on behind me. I keep pausing even from this to watch it.

But, I guess that no one really jumps for joy with the thought of housework and cleaning. If you do, then you should seek immediate help. lol. Now I think I've started rambling. Oh crap. J just got home and I still have all those things to finish!!! I better go.....



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