I can't get no......motivation

Well, it's Wednesday. I could barely get up for work. I almost slept through my shower again. I went to bed at a normal time. I'm still not adjusting from the week off. Grrr. I got to work this morning, and my coffee I made at home wasn't kicking in. My co-worker showed up around 9, and immediately announced she's ready to go home. lol.

After another pot of coffee, and milling around myspace, blogs, and TMZ, I started doing work. Both of us weren't too productive. But it's Wednesday, the weekend is somewhat within reach, but not close enough.

J and I figured out the whole Vegas thing. We're gonna head up after he gets off work on Friday. Sucks, cuz we'll get stuck in traffic. But, I'm wondering, how bad is Friday traffic for Easter weekend? I mean, do people travel a lot for that? Is Vegas going to be super busy? What do people do to celebrate Jesus? I guess I'll let you know!

It's the first year I've ever missed celebrating Easter with my mom. And by celebrating - it means eating a lot, arguing a lot, and watching a movie or two. Even in college - I lived 4 hours up north - I snuck down late Saturday night to surprise her the next day. I think she almost pissed her pants!

But, we have to celebrate my cousin's 21st bday (aww shucks!). He's on my dad's side of the family...so in a way I'm still with family...but just not with my mom. I think she'll be ok. (Or, at least my sister and I hope so).

So, today my boss was reading an article from a business magazine. It had a tiny short blip that went something like this:

A company found a resume for a new hire. After the interview, and checking references, the candidate was a perfect match. They submitted him to a client for hire, and after 10 minutes, the client declined hiring the candidate. Why? Because of the candidate's Myspace page that contained information that boarded illegal activities.

Can you believe that??? I mean, obviously the candidate never would have known the reason for him not being hired. So then my boss gets on a kick where he wants to see what all this Myspace stuff is about. So, he made a page. I haven't seen it yet, but I'm sure he'll find me in due time and ask to be my friend or something. I dont' want to be his friend. He's my boss. But he wanted to find his son that is currently residing in Spain. So, we'll see what happens!



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