5 minute siesta/time-out/dance party break

Yep. I think I've already reached my limit for the day with dumb questions, dumb people, dumb requests....I have just turned up my ipod (Playing Nelly Furtado) and will be taking an un-interupted break for 5 minutes. No phone, no email, no IMs. No one's in my office today. So I can do it.

I've just had a lot going on today. But what's new? I mean, I realized when I came in today that it'd be a little "trying" because my co-worker and boss are at an all day conference. So, that leaves just me for the phones and also the extra requests that normally would be shared for us all.

So, what have I encountered today? I almost don't even want to re-live it. I sent an email out to find out which recruiter was in charge of a new hire and if they did work over the weekend. The recruiter meerely wrote "yup, that's me." Nothing else. I mean, the email was only 1 sentence long. Did he really lose his attention so quickly?? Apparently. I asked him again the question. No response yet. (maybe when I return from my 5 minute break....)

Oh, Brown-Eyed Girl. Love that song. But this is the ska/punk version. Peppy!

So, recently a weekend job posted for Raytheon. Now, it was only a 3 weekend long assignment. And guess how many one of our recruiters hired? 5. And that's even with about 3 others falling through. Do you know how much work is involved with hiring someone? I do. And does that work justify this whole short term assignment? No.

Ahh!! I almost skipped out and read an email. But I remembered - break time. I probly only have a short time left. But, I'll stretch it for one more song...oh, not this one though.. SKIP! No, this one's too slow... SKIP. Ok. I can do this one.

Anyways. Tomorrow is J and my 1 1/2 year anniversary. So, last night I attempted to make a romantical dinner for the two of us (yes, romantical is a word). Anyways, we decided that morning on having meatloaf. He always makes it. Of course, this time, he had to work late last minute, so I was in charge.

He told me to simply read the instructions on the back of the meatloaf spice packet. But, he used this before and so the first half of the instructions were ripped off. So, I had to call my mom. But when you call her for directions, she goes WAY overboard. I told her all I had was breadcrumbs, eggs, and the mix. So, she then said i could use milk instead of water, and blah blah. I was like "just tell me!!!"

So, She did, and I proceeded on making it. Now, I hate touching raw meat. And especially this kind since I had to grind my fingers in it. YUCK. This stuff is getting all over the place. I realized I needed more breadcrumbs...I washed my hands, added more, then kept mixing. Then I realized SHIT! I forgot to put in the meatloaf spice packet!!!

So, I think quickly and just pour it in a bowl, add a bit of water, stir, then pour it over the meatloaf. I mush/mix it, then realized I hadn't greased the pan yet. I wash my hands again, spray the pan, then start forming 2 large meatloafs. Put it in the oven, and we're good to go.

45 minutes later, J realizes I should have had the oven at 400, not 350. We turn it up. about 20 minutes later, I take it out and it looks done. I finish putting everything else together. While I'm lighting the candles (told you it was romantical!!) J says "ummmm...." And then the following occurs

  • Me: What's wrong?
  • J: nothing. It's ok.
  • M: No, seriously, what's the problem. Is it edible?
  • J: No, it's ok. It's cooked.
  • M: then what's the problem?
  • J: well, the consistency...How much water did you say you put in here?
  • M: My mom told me 1/2 cup water, 1/2 cup milk (I didn't tell him about the extra water with the spice packet)
  • J: Ok. Well, this happens to everyone their first few times. I did it about 3 times before I perfected it.
  • M: Well, that doesn't help me! I wanted this to be good!
  • J: It's great! It still tastes fine. It's just a bit mushy

So, I couldn't really eat it. It didn't taste good at all. He ate it. And then halfway through dinner I told him the truth about the extra water and the spices. He just laughed. He told me for next time, add more breadcrumbs.

So, tonight we're going to fry it to see if maybe that will make it crispier. And, I went over my 5 minute break. Oh well!!!


Sweet Shortie said...

Ok.. so i am meatloaf specialist!! First off you dont need those packets! All you need is the meat, two eggs, a cup of breadcrumbs, and onion. Jason likes when i put in chunks of tomato also. I dont add any water and it's always very moist. We actually make it with ground turkey but i know how you guys are about that. Just thought i'd help!

Sunset~Lover said...

I'll keep it in mind...although I might just boycott from making this meal..J does a really good job at it!


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