Vacation time count-down

Vacation starts officially in 2 1/2 days. Even though I'm not leaving till Saturday - I'm heading out of work on Friday at noon, and that's when my vacation begins. I'm getting a massage, and facial, and I'm wondering if they'd object to me drinking a cocktail while they do that? lol. Ya know, like in the movies, when they have a glass of chilled champagne waiting for you? I doubt it though, I don't live in Beverly Hills or the ritzy parts of LA.

I've started writing my lists of things to bring for the cruise. And, because I'm so organized (read - anal) I've got separate lists going for different categories. There's the toiletries list, the accessories list, clothing must-haves list and of course J's list (becuase, well, he's a man and requires my help to remind him things). Items on the accessories list includes a wine opener (I'm bringing 5 bottles. lol), ipod speakers and also Febreeze. Yes, that's right. Not the fabric cleaner kind, but the air cleaner. I think it might be the most valued item I'm bringing. Anything to help my sanity and comfort with sharing the world's smallest bathroom with a boy. Boys stink, let's face it, and the bathroom is not excluded.

I missed half of Idol last night, but watched the half that featured Sanjaya. Man, that kid needs to leave. He screeched like a girl and still made a girl cry (out of joy???). His hair looked better (since that's always mentioned from the judges, the blogs, the critics) but he still is trying way too hard. I read also, that someone's apparently someone's starving themself till Sanjaya gets the boot. That's a little extreme for me....



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