Sweets and the Gym

Not likely combos if you ask me. I believe when you go to the gym, it's typically to work off the sweets you've eaten in your lifetime. Anyways, so i've started up my gym routine again. It's been over about, 2 years since I've gone regularly...or at all. I mainly go to feel "in shape" and not like a sack of potatoes. I used to work full time in retail - so didn't really need the gym. Walking around so much, lifting boxes, etc, really do a great job for maintaining strength. Well, when I graduated college and quit the retail world, I now sit down for 8 hours straight and maybe walk 100 feet. Yes, it's pathetic, but overall it's a much better scenario than before!

Anyways, back to the gym. So, I started going to see if I can get back on a routine and eventually promote myself to a nicer gym - LA Fitness. There's a brand new one not too far from where I live and the overall gym and equipment is much nicer and the place overall just makes you want to spend all day there. I know, I got a free one week pass and went with Shortie. So, I reactivated my membership with my cheaper, smaller, less fancier gym and am currently in week 2. (the first week I was supposed to go but got too busy).

But, for some reason, whenever I'm done working out (not with a class like pilates or spin - but just working out the old fashioned way), I really want SWEETS. One time I hit up Jack in the Box for some breakfast jacks (I had 2). Last time I wanted to devour a whole carton of ice cream (no, I wasn't pms-ing), and today I regret my decision to NOT buy the E.L. Fudge cookies that I almost got earlier today at the store. So, what brings this about? If I had been a fitness major in college, I might know. But I studied Psychology. Perhaps it's some of my synapses going off in the wrong part of my brain?

But, unfortunately this time around I don't have anything really sweet at my house. I mean, nothing to satisfy the craving. No cookies. No ice cream. No cake (but i will after I make one tomorrow for Valentine's day). This sucks. To spend 45 minutes working out just to pig out? DUMB!



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