Low-Level Anxiety

Yes, I have and will be battling that all day today. Since my Lasik procedure is tomorrow, I'm a bit anxious. I know nothing will go wrong. But I can't shake these jitters. Plus I had some coffee this morning. So THAT didn't help. I think now the caffine has left my system and I'm just back to the regular anxiety.

I read over the documents for the pre-post op rules. Basically I can't wear any sort of perfumes or scented lotions on the day, and then afterwards there's a whole laundry list of do's and dont's. Do wear the protective eye gear at night while sleeping for a week (ugh). Don't get soap and water in your eyes (so i'm wondering how I wash my face??) Don't rub your eyes for a month (THAT'S hard). Do use the eye drops as directed (2 different kinds, 4 times a day). Don't exercise, heavy lifting, strenous activity for 5 days after the procedure. Do keep your eyes closed for at least 5 hours after the procedure (and the valium will also help me sleep that whole time. lol). Don't wear eye make up for up to 4 weeks after procedure.

Man. I'm so worried I'll rub my eyes. I've noticed I've been doing it a lot more than usual this week. I think it has to do with the fact that I haven't been wearing eye makeup so I'm not worried that I'll rub it off.

Am I worried that I'll lose my vision completely? J asked me last night what would happen if I go blind (thanks for the support!!). What would happen if I did become blind? How would I work? Would I even be able to? I know you can get all those softwares and stuff, but still. See, this is why I have anxiety! lol. Man. I just need to stop thinking about it...And perhaps take a sleeping pill tonight so I don't stay awake!!



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