Brief about me

Well, I've dabbled on and off for the past few years with online blogs. I love them, then get bored, so I stop, then want to try again. That cycle has now repeated for the third time. Here's a brief about me..

I'm 25 years old living in Southern California where there are more sunny days than gloomy ones. I'm in a serious relationship with a guy I was friends with in HS. He just moved into my place full-time last month. I work as an admin and have tried my turn at recruiting, not sure where I'd like my job to lead me. I graduated from college with a degree in Psychology a few years ago, and I have a crazy family.

I talked my friend Sweet Shortie into joining me on Blogspot. She's going to be a contributor to this blog, as I will be on hers. Ok, enough for now, time for me to do some work.....Yes, I multi-task with my job and also surfing the net, updating myspace (I'm a self-proclaimed addict) and now, this.



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