killing 30 minutes

Well, I'm at work, not feeling like working. I would go home, but I can't. I have an eye appointment in a half hour and it's on this end of the valley. I suppose I could find something to do, but blogging is more fun.

Well, I went out Sunday night for J's bday...with my glasses on. I felt like everyone was staring at me like I had a third arm. I know that glasses are a normal part of life at times, but I just hate them. I took them off for every picture taken, although there might be a few with them on. I must destroy them.

At work I got a call from a woman who I wanted to give a job to. Last week I found her resume online but she said she was already contacted. I told her to give me a call this week if she doesn't hear back from them. Well, lucky me, she didn't hear back from them. I ended up sending her a few openings to look at and hopefully she'll let me submit her! Oh, if you're reading this, and want to, send me your resume at findmework2day@yahoo.com. We place people nationwide - all kinds of things from admin to supply chain, engineers and scientist.

Anyways, another thing that boggled my mind today I am frustrated with, but I just don't know how to solve. I was accused of something, but it was a complete misunderstanding. But I feel the person needs time to cool down and regroup because anything I say won't matter. They still have the first thought of me in their head. It sucks, but a normal part of growing up? Hard to say.

J's bday was yesterday - he turned 25. For the past 2 months, he's been giving me a hard time becuase I was the older woman - but now we're the same age. How did we celebrate you ask? Well, besides the crazy weekend, on his actual bday, he drove some friends to the airport, I stayed home (wasn't feeling well). He got home, we watched some Tivo (Bones). And at 9pm, he said "You ready for bed?" I said "yep!". So we crawled into bed, watched some Two and A Half Men and then lights out. I definately felt old....



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