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Well, I'm pretty much done with my work load for today. My sister's boy called today (not quite her boyfriend, but more than just a friend) and he wants me to let him into her room so he can decorate it with roses and other things. So adorable. How can I say no? So, that gives me the excuse to go home early.

Random things happened at work today. My co-worker in VA (she works in our corporate office) introduced me to a new slang - "mise." Basically, it's the equivalent of might + is. When I told her I'd never heard of that before, she said "oh, you weird California people!" Um, 'scuse me. But mise???? Seriously?

When I told my boss, this conversation ensued:

Me: Have you ever heard of "mise"?
Boss: No. what is that?
Me: Well, H said it to me today. She said I was ridiculous for not knowing that.
Boss: Sounds like ebonics to me!

I laughed so hard at that. Not sure why. But I did. I think it's just one of those days. No, not having a sugar high either. I haven't had any chocolate either.

I also learned another word: competimates. What is that? Well, it's a combination of competitors and teammates. Basically, it's as if you have a competitor in your work force (like, Ralphs and Vons) but your team up to work on something together. I don't know how they'd work together though (Ralphs & Vons). But I guess if they were both sponsoring some big fundraiser? Anyways, that was my 2nd word of the day.

One last one I learned - Bailey-wig. Not sure what it means, nor if I even spelled it right. But my boss was writing an email and wanted to know how to spell it (he does that a lot - asking me how to spell something). I didn't even know what it was, and I still don't! Maybe I'll google it one day....


underwear ninja said...

look at you with 2 blogs!


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