Last day...

Today's the last day I get to wear my contacts. Starting tomorrow morning (or actually tonight when I take them out) I have to wear my glasses in preparation for the lasik procedure I'm FINALLY having done a week from today. I'm not going to lie...I was a little sad putting in my contacts for the last time this morning. See, I've been wearing glasses since I was 8 years old. At first when I'd complain to my mom about not beeing able to see the chalkboard, she thought I was lyiing to get attention - as it started about 4 months after my dad decided to leave my mom. I don't blame her because if that was my kid, I'd probly think the same thing. But soon my teacher confirmed my complaints and a trip to the eye doctor occurred. So, for the first 2 years, I only had to use them to see distant things. When I was in 4th grade - I started having to wear them all the time. And it just got worse and worse. Finally in HS I was able to get contacts. Possibly one of the best things in my life.

Now, with how my vision is today, I'm pretty much blind - no exaggeration - without any assistance with glass/contacts. With nothing in, I can't see past my nose clearly. Everything is a huge blur. When people don't believe me, I give them my glasses to try on. They say it feels like they're 10 deep and drunker than a skunk. So then they believe me. But, I can't help it! I started asking my optometrist about Lasik a few years ago. He basically told me they have 2 requirements: 1) over the age of 21 and 2) have 3 consecutive YEARS of the same prescription. So, every time I'd go there, I hoped that it wouldn't get worse. But it always would. Finally, and amazing thing happened - It was the same for the 2nd year. And then this year - same!! So we finally went through with getting things arranged.

Now the time has come. I have to wear my glasses for the next week, and the procedure is next Friday at 12:30. J is taking me. I'll be there for roughly 2 hours with all the testing before and after. The procedure itself lasts only 15 minutes. Then I'll be sent home to sleep for about 5 hours, then start taking eye drops (2 different kinds) every 4 hours. For a week. Ya, that sucks
but it'll be worth it!

So, I'm about to finally start a new portion of my life - perfect vision (hopefully!). Even now with my glasses/contacts, I don't see clearly. The doctor said that with my high prescription (-8.5 and -9 for contact wearers) it's hard to get it to be 20/20. But, he did say that the chances of my vision being better after the procudure is increasingly good. Yaaay!!!


Sweet Shortie said...

I'm jealous.. i can't wait for mine to stop changing. I am going to go to a new eye doctor.. i dont really like mine.
My dad found a place he likes.. it's all women eye doctors. Sounds kinda cool.


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