Oh how I love...

Con-calls. Normally my coworker does these. But, she's with our boss at a big meeting today, and so I get the lucky job of doing it!

I went on the first one at 9:30, and basically just worked because it had nothing to do with me. Now it's 10:50 and I'm on part 3 of this, and one more left to go. But we just started this, so who knows when it'll be done???

Just a follow up with yesterday and the "bleeder." I went on my date with J, and FROZE my lil butt off. It was about 40 degrees outside with gushing wind. But I couldn't wear my jeans because I didn't want it rubbing the "bleeder" and having it start up again. So, I had on these capri length cotton pants on, and flip flops (because tennis shoes wouldn't look cute with it). And thank goodness for the mojito's so I stayed somewhat warm!!! Mmm, those were so good.



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