Getting back to normal...

Well, things are finally getting back to normal around work. I only had to stay and work OT monday & tuesday, but now I'm off at my usual time. I've been trying to cram as many work-out sessions as possible in the week. There's only 2 more weeks till our cruise and I'd like to look a little fit in my bathing suit! I've discovered Pilates and I'm really growing to love it. Even though it's a much milder workout than spin or kick-boxing, your body still "feels it" the next day. Plus I'm using my new Ipod Shuffle and it's the best for the gym! I don't have to worry about lugging it around or dropping it. I just clip it on my pants and I'm good to go! I was using my big ipod before, but I was always worried I'd drop it - which I did a lot. Thank goodness it had a case!

So, this weekend it's going to be h-o-t here. A group of friends and I are heading to the beach to our friend's beach house. I didn't even go during the summer! But now's my chance. I hope to try out my new bathing suits before the cruise and get a baby tan (as in, a small tan, not like i'm pregnant). Plus it'll give me a taste of vacation for the cruise. Now, about that, here's what's going on with it. So excited!

For our anniversary last October, J bought us cruise tickets. We're going on a 7-day cruise from Princess Cruises to Mexico. Shortie and her husband are going, along with about 10 more (maybe more?). In Puerto Vallarta, Shortie and I are going on a dolphin excursion to play and swim with them. Ever since the episode in Full House when DJ and Stephanie swam with them in their Hawaiian vacation - I've wanted to do it. And that show was on MANY years ago. So, I finally can. I hope they give you a video because I want to always remember that!

There are also 2 formal nights, which I'm looking forward to. I love dressing up! J is also going to teach me how to surf. Before, with my contacts, I was always afraid of going in the ocean and losing them. But now since that's said and done, I can't wait for the experience! He's surfed for many years and really wants me to fall in love with that sport. I had him try snowboarding over winter, but well, that didn't go well. Only fair I try his sport of choice!



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