Conspiracy?? Maybe!

So, all weekend long my internet at home wasn't working. It worked friday night, and then after that, nothing. I live in a guesthouse and i did set up my wireless router at my landlord's place. But, based on where my laptop is located, I get a very weak signal. But usually it's fine, I just can't download huge files or anything. I can still get songs from itunes (amazingly enough). But, this weekend was filled with a lot of frustrations as I'm selling things on craigslist, and I couldn't check my email!! Now, it's Monday, and I figure I'll try again. And, to my amazement ~ it's working again! What the hell has changed since yesterday - not sure. But either the techie gods are telling me to lay off the internet while I'm at home on the weekends, or they wanted to tease me with the frustration of no email/aim/myspace for 48 hours. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.



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