Fuh-riday night

Mine was fun. How bout yours? I just got home from dinner with my mom's friends. It was great. The place we went, Margarita's, had a great history for me. lol. J and I went there one night with 2 other people, had some margarita's, had some shots, and by the end of the night we were inseparable...cuz we were making out. lol. Love at first sight! Been together ever since. But not really first sight, we were friends. See, we went to HS together. Actually, we sort of even went to sr. prom together. He had a different GF at the time, and I had a different BF. We were on the same bus, sat at the same table, probly even danced together! lol. So, fast forward to 6 years later and we're happy. But anyways, We went to the place tonight and talked, chatted, gossiped, all the things girls do. We went back to my mom's and talked/gossiped more. Now I'm home. J and his friend M are playing guitar, drunk, and singing very loudly. And they're STILL drinking. It's 12:30. lol. I'm ready for bed. Shortie and I are getting our tan on tomorrow. That's fabulous! Anyways, time for bed, before I pass out. Need to put my pjs on..............



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