I need a break

Well, I've been working pretty steadily all day and worked through lunch (but had subway. SOOO yum). I just need a tiny distraction to make it through the last hour. The cruise is approaching and I just can't wait! Yesterday I printed J's and my boarding pass. Not sure why, but just felt like it. On Sunday we went to the beach with some friends. One of the guy's grandpa owns a house right on the beach. The guys drank, the girls hung out. I got a little bit of a tan, and only a slight redness to my shoulder. J got burned on his chest, but it's fading away. Just proves we are in need of a sunny vacation! I can't believe it's in a week and a half! I hope I have enough money to survive the whole week. I mean, it's a big chunk I'm bringing. But I always get nervous about not having enough.

The work load is slowly growing. One of my jobs is to check in all the timecards for our contractors and send them off to our corporate. Well, normally they're due on Fridays. But, normally that gets pushed to Mondays. This week, Monday was too busy, so it got pushed on the "to do" list to Tuesday. Then, after a 5 hour conference call, and lots of little "fires" to put out, 5pm came and I left. Today that left me with the timecards...I didn't get to work on them till after 2. Which means our corporate is already closed for the day (they're on the east coast) and they won't get them till tomorrow. I'm actually kind of surprised no one's bitched at me from there. I mean, I sent over about 100 or so each week. Kinda weird, but I'm glad I didn't get any moody emails! I have received enough of those lately! Normally, when my workload was pretty minimal, I found lots of things to do instead of actually DOING work. Well, that luxury has become a thing of the past. Now I'm rushing to get through the easiest of things to move on to the more time-consuming ones. I still find some moments to keep sanity and distract myself, but it's only temporary. Over the past 2 weeks I've put in about 4 hours of OT. Which is RARE. I think over the course of my 2 1/2 year career here, I've only put in MAYBE 2 hours. But 4 in so short? I know, but I don't mind. But, when you do the math and see what it actually breaks down to, it's kinda pitiful. But, 40 bucks is 40 bucks! That's like 3 drinks on the cruise! (or, if you watch the wendy's commercials ~ 40 jr. bacon cheeseburgers!).

Ok, my 5 minute break is up. Time to get back to work!



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