A quickie

Well, this has ended up being one of the most exhausting weeks of work. I am not sure why, but every day since Tuesday afternoon there's been about a million little fires to put out. Normally, I might have 3 in a whole week. On Wednesday, I had 4 before lunch time.

Quick update on my eyes. Had another follow-up today. Seems as if my left eye is recovering better/quickly than my right. But he showed me the numbers from my visit last Saturday, and in just 6 days - VAST improvement. So next one's in 2 weeks, and I get to stop wearing my plastic eye protectors at night (thank GOODNESS). Although J did sneak a pic last night! Jerk!! (I know I call him a lot on this thing, but I love him!!) Also, get to cut back on the eyedrops...from 4 times a day to twice a day. Yay!

Have a great weekend!!!



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