It's Friday!

Thank goodness! I've decided to delay my actual start of "work" related topics. Last night J and I went to the LA King's hockey game. It was fun. Carmen Electra was there to gain support or something for her charity. Also the 50 contestants for the Miss USA and the reigning Miss USA - recovering alcoholic Tara Conner. Apparently after the event, the group went to celebrate Tara's 90 day sobriety, according to TMZ.com. interesting stuff. Also there was Ryan Seacrest, Kim Kardashian (the one with the sex tape), and a few other C list celebrities.

The game started off not so hot. The Chicago Blawkhawks were up 2-1 by the beginning of the 2nd period. At the end of the 3rd and final period, it was tied. So on came the shoot-out! Most out of 5 shots wins! Unfortunately, they tied that too....So came Sudden Death. Man! I've never seen that before! Talk about being a bundle of nerves! So, after SEVEN attempts from both sides, the Blackhawks came through with the win. Even though it was sad to see them lose, it was really exciting! But totally bummed because only 1 fight ensued. That sucked! And I learned why the refs just stand around during the fight...Apparently they let them fight until they hit the ice. When they're down, that's when they break up the fight. No blood though.

Tonight I'm going out with my mom and 2 of her friends. It's one of their bdays - and somewhat recently separated from her husband, and so my mom and the other friend decided a night out is a great idea. And, since i'm no longer the little 8 year old that would try to eavesdrop on their "adult" conversations - now I get to join! It's so weird. I remember being 9, 10, 11 and always wanting to hang out at the kitchen table where all the adults spoke. I just was so in awe of the interaction and the gossip and everything. Now I get to participate as well. I mean, when I am around my teenage cousins, I still picture them as being young kids. So I'm always leery on talking about grown up things. I have a hard time separating my memory from what they actually are now....They live in a society where you learn things a LOT younger than when I was growing up (which wasn't even that long ago!). But yet my mom and her friends are able to see me for who I am, not what I was.

Shortie might join, if the hubby is working. And tomorrow starts the REAL official countdown of the cruise! I'm so excited. I hope the weather is great. It's been between 80-90 all week here. There's nothing worse than leaving fabulous weather for crappy weather! Anyways, I'm getting bugged by my security officer that I shouldn't be blogging, but working. HA.



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