Really? Late 20s?

J told me on Saturday that I'll be in my late 20s (officially) tomorrow. I cried. No, seriously. I did. I knew I was turning 26. But I guess I didn't connect the dots. Although at a christmas party that night, a girl told me that 26 is still technically Mid-20s. She's my new best friend. lol.

So, tomorrow another year older. But I'm quite excited that in the year I'm 26, I'll be married, a bridesmaid, and also finish my master's degree. Quite fun. And then the year after that is when J and I will decide if we should move and buy a house. Now that seems a lot more frightening than becoming a "mrs." Although I think they're equally a huge commitment.

This year's holiday season kinda sucks. Last year J and I bought this huge magnificent tree and decorated it with lights and ornaments. This year we have more furniture and have no where to put a real one. So instead, I busted out with my lovely 3 foot shiny pine like the one below, but mine's turquoise.

Cute I know. But J hates it. But it's the best we can do this year. I also have our stockings up, our lil snowmen figurines, and soon we should be getting christmas cards. I got one on Saturday, but I was drunk, and can't remember where I put it. Oops!


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