Holy crap it's been ages

My. How the hell have 6 weeks passed and no blog? Probably because for the actual 2nd half of school I was having 2 nights of classes (6-10...sucks) and had to do homework. One of my classes involved a lot more work than the other...Research Methods. For those of you out of the school circuit, (ya know, all 3 of you that read this...lol) research methods is a lovely class most hate. In ours, you had to learn about the whole research project, create a 2 page survey, have 50 people take it, then enter all the data into a lovely program called SPSS. It took 3 hours to enter everything in, but once you do that, the program can do practically any statistical information you ask...in under 5 seconds.

Then, you had to write a Literature Review....another paper thing, and finally, turn in the whole stack of papers that was about 4 inches tall...and that didn't include any of the printouts from your statistical findings. That'd be about another 4 inches. Lots of trees!

But, Lucky to report, Got an A in the class! A- actually. but none-the-less. still an A. Last night I was working on some other stuff for my other class that wraps up next week. I wanted to just skip one of the assignments, but luckily I have a fiance that'd kick my ass. So, while he watched southpark, I sorta-kinda BS-ed my way through the assignment. I know, I suck.

But I'm less than a month away from my birthday, christmas, and the last thing I really want to do is school work. I have 6 weeks off, then I'll be starting another semester of torture. I think I'm going to take 4 classes. But I have to find out if I can. The program director only likes you to take 2, maybe 3 a semester. I'm an overachiever and want to be done by next fall. So, by this time next year, I hope to be a master's graduate that's also survived a wedding. And that'd be one hell of an accomplishment....Especially if everyone around me survives both my educational endeavors....and my wedding. Last week was a bit torturous. I almost didn't survive....



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